The rules of Speedbattle

What is Speedbattle?

Speedbattle is a soaring online competition, based on condor - the competition soaring simulator.


To participate you need condor - the competition soaring simulator. Then you have to connect to one of our 5 speedbattle servers. The name is SPEEDBATTLE_class. If joining is possible, just click on the class you like and start your speedbattle - thatīs all. There is no registration needed. About 2 minutes after the server had restarted you'll find your ranking on this homepage.

The rules

There are 5 classes (standard, 15m, 18m, classic and open). All 5 classes are 24 h and 2 weeks online. The first 5 tries are counted. Crashing (before completing the task), outlanding and disconnection is one try and will be zero point. The pilot who has the shortest racing time will be the winner. Remember each penalty point adds a seconds penalty to your racing time.

You can participate in every class that means the maximum amount of flights are 25 (5 per class). Of course you can join a race more than 5 times but these flights ar not included in the results.

Since Task 08/06 2 tasks are airstart and 2 are aerotow.