Welcome to the Speedbattle

Speedbattle Team needs a break

After more than two years of Speedbattle 24x7, two virtual HWWs and two seasons of the SpeedBattle Cup. The SB Team has decided to stop the 24x7 Speedbattle in August 2008. Since the last SBC has finished in March 2008 we have seen that we have a lack of time to run the SB and SBC in a professional style which you expect an which we have provided in the last 30 months.

We like to say thank you to all of the pilots who have competed in SB, vHWW and SBC. It was a great time. There will be definatly no SBC08/09 and no more SB races in the near future.

Take our decision as a chance an opportunity for other competition organizer to run a cup during the winter season. If other competion makers have questions about how we have done something in the past, please use the Condor forum to post your question. We try to answer your post. We won.t answer any questions about how to run a competition send by email.

We don.t know how long the break will be, but we know that we need one. Maybe we will be back in a few months with new power and ideas to run the SB, SBC and the Soaring Paradise, maybe never.

The good news is that the download section will still be online for the next months. Also the banner service will still be online. New abnnersand downloads will be added in the future if the scenery or banner developer asks us.

Andreas and Stefan